Looking to hire? “I’m Paolo, an IT Specialist and Front End Developer with a history of collaboration with industry giants like Puma, Crocs, Ferrari, and FCA in the Fashion, Sportswear, and Lifestyle sectors.”


As an entrepreneur and digital specialist, I bring over 15 years of experience from the tech and advertising industries. I’ve had the privilege of partnering with some of the most influential agencies in the Fashion and Lifestyle sectors, including OpenInfluence, Empire Entertainment Tokyo, DropTokyo, FCA Japan, and Isshin Tokyo.

Throughout my career, I have helped numerous well-known brands such as Puma, Crocs, Ferrari, Fiat, Renault, Armani, Vans, and many more. 

My contributions have bolstered their reputations through digital campaigns, influencer product placement, and the creation of landing pages for product launches or events, specifically within the Asian Market.

I have successfully completed complex projects as a coordinator, providing support for Chinese, Japanese, and Korean languages.

I have assembled teams of developers from the UK, Ukraine, Russia, and the USA to deliver projects involving landing pages, chatbots, and e-commerce.


In May 2022, I made the decision to take a pause from my previous role and embark on a new journey as a Frontend Developer. I felt it was the right time to acquire new skills and aim for expertise in development.

Currently, I reside in Italy, having lived and worked in diverse locations like New York, Tokyo, Hong Kong, and Bangkok. I’m working as an Angular front-end developer with KeyPartner, a consulting firm.

My proficiency lies in web technologies such as HTML, CSS, BEM, Angular, React, JS, Typescript, Bootstrap, Tailwind, Firebase, and MongoDB. I have considerable experience in designing functional web applications that adhere to UI/UX standards.

I am thrilled about the possibility of contributing to a company’s growth and success and feel privileged to be part of a team.

With experience as an entrepreneur and Project Manager, I am more than just a “problem-solver.” My guiding principle is: “Don’t just solve problems, prevent them.”

I am delighted to share some feedback from my clients

I met Paolo through social media and his skills as a Youtube content creator got my attention. I run an education business company where Youtube is one of the main lead generators. Paolo helped me improving my Youtube SEO and ad creation...
Ruben Davoli
Owner & CEO at Tradacc
.......Fare le lezioni one to one e' con Paolo e' stato uno dei miei migliori investimenti di sempre. Vorrei anche aggiungere neanche caro per la qualita' del servizio offerto la professionalita' e la competenza che riesce a trasmettere in ogni lezione....
Daniele Scardicchio
Representative Asian Trails
Paolo came to our aid for the launch of a new tech product in Southeast Asia. He not only helped us to create several engaging promotional videos for a sponsored social media ad campaign but also guided us in the implementation of these campaigns...
Ricki Van Rensburg
CEO and Co-Founder at SWEDIT Limited
You Need me?
If you’re considering reaching me out, I trust you have read and understood who I am and what I do. Nonetheless, if you simply want to keep in touch, feel free to send me a message.